About Aksarben Acres

Meet Nate Darling

Greetings, I’m Nate Darling, the proud owner of Aksarben Acres. My life’s odyssey led me from the plains of Nebraska to the concrete jungle of New Jersey back in 2016, a period that marked a series of significant life changes. This transition, amidst an already tumultuous time, proved to be the most daunting challenge I had ever faced, plunging me into a deep and dark depression.

In 2020, amid the backdrop of a global pandemic, I took a leap of faith and invested in this 10-acre haven, Aksarben Acres. Little did I know that this decision would become a turning point, providing me with a refuge for healing and self-discovery. The serenity and solace found within these trees became my sanctuary, affording me the chance to mend myself and grow into a better father for my three children.

The early years of my time here were not without trials, but as the challenges mounted, so did my resilience. Overcoming these hurdles has bestowed upon me a confidence I didn’t know I had, a testament to the strength we can find in the face of adversity. This journey has empowered me, nurturing the resolve to face life’s challenges head-on and emerge stronger, not just for myself but for my children, and to help anyone who seeks inspiration in resilience.

Join me while I share the transformative power of Aksarben Acres, where the human spirit meets the embrace of nature. In the blog section, I will share my journey through divorce, depression and the brink of alcoholism and how I’ve found my way through. This is a story of renewal, of evolving from despair to strength, and of learning to navigate life’s immense challenges.